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Since there is definitely enough interest we will be having this class. RSVP to show your interest now!

Class Format: Multiweek class meeting bimonthly for 4 sessions  1 to 2 hours long. Instruction and hands-on each meeting. Open to members for free and non members for a small donation to the space. 

Location: Bozeman Makerspace

Date and times: TBD.  I will suggest Tues nights from 6 to 8 PM. Please contact me if this does not work for you.

Material: In this class we will put together a CNC lathe out of standard components. For this class we have an EMCO Compact 5 CNC lathe spindle and bed ball screws that does not have a control.  We will build the control in class. The process can be used with any machine tool (or art work) that can benefit from CNC control. 

Throughout the class we will explore electrical fundamentals, production build techniques, safety and CNC tool operation, maintenance and programming.


1. Intro to CNC.  Overview of components, interface, and software. Installation of Linux and LinuxCNC. 

2. Computer to real world interface. Overview of open loop control with stepper motors. Intro to servo control. Wiring and interface to stepper drives.

3. Coordinating motion.  Open and closed loop control of spindle speed.  Wiring and interface of the DC drive and spindle motor.

4. Setup of LinuxCNC configuration files and operation of a CNC lathe.  Simple G-code generation. Hopefully we will be using the lathe at this point.


[Maker Class] Arduino Basics

The RSVP List is full! Looks like we may have to run another Arduino Basics class ;) I'm thinking this might even become an ongoing class offering so we can get stronger with our microcontrollers.

Class: Arduino Basics
When/Where: Sat April 26th (2pm) @ The Bozeman Makerspace

Arduino Basics
We are going to take you through the concepts including digital In, digital out, analog in, analog out, serial communication and more.

We will build several circuits using LEDs, potentiometers, buzzers, servo motors and more! If you have your own Arduino Board, bring it along, otherwise we will have a few for folks to use during the class.

This class will be kid friendly, so if you are a parent and would like to see your kids learn a little about programming and electronics, this is the class for you.

We will have a sweet door prize for one lucky participant at the end of the class.

RSVP now because space might end up being limited.

Please post in the comments the best dates and/or times you would like to see this class offered.

March 18th '14: [Maker Class] How to Read a Schematic

Join us for another exciting Maker Class!

Class: How to Read a Schematic
When/Where: March 18th, 2014 @ The Bozeman Makerspace

Note: This class is free of charge to all members and non-members. Please RSVP so that we know how many "kits" to prepare.

Learning how to read and follow schematics is an important skill for any electronics engineer.

Join us during our first ever Bozeman Makerspace Maker Class!

Class: DIY Atari Punk Console: "From nothing comes noise!"

1) Learn how to create a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) from scratch.
2) Learn to Solder required through hole components onto your PCB.
3) Learn how to modify your new Atari Punk Console.

Class Details
You will create your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and will then solder the required components onto the PCB. You will have a working Atari Punk Console Synthesizer to take home and wow all of your friends with your skillz ;)

Cost: $0.00 (Yep it's totally free)



Open Build Night
The space is also open to the public from 6pm - 10pm for all to participate in discussions or work on projects.

If you have some working tools or items you would like to donate, feel free to bring them along ;)


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