Bozeman Rocket Car Day

Bozeman Rocket Car Day

Come join the fun of building and racing your very own rocket powered vehicle. This event is open to the public, and anybody can compete. The rules are simple - build a car/truck/sled then attach a A10-PT (13mm diameter) model rocket engine to it and we race them. Winners will be determined by straight line distance. The racing surface will be the parking lot in front of the Makerspace and Stockyard Cafe. Being January, this will likely be plowed, snow-covered dirt. Build your vehicle accordingly (hint: small wheels may be a problem).

There will be two classes, Home Build and Just-In-Time. For Home Build cars, you can start building your car today and bring it with you on the 24th. Just-In-Time cars are required to be built the day of the event. The Makerspace has a decent sized pile of stuff that could be used for vehicular construction, or you can bring your own components along (no pre-assembly of parts please). The Makerspace doors will open for car construction at 10am. One rocket per vehicle.

Entry fees are $10 per vehicle. Enter as many cars as you like. Please register via Meetup so we have an accurate count for ordering rockets. If we have extra rocket engines, we will be selling them the day of the event. Only the first run (per vehicle) will count for the competition. Proceeds go to the Bozeman Makerspace.

IMPORTANT: To enter multiple vehicles add "guests" to your RSVP and meetup will charge you $10 for each one.


This is a family friendly event, however rocket vehicles are inherently dangerous. Keep your wits about you while the races are in-progress.

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This event will be a ton of fun, see you there!


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