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The Bozeman MakerSpace is a non-profit Makerspace / Hackerspace in Bozeman, MT. If you have an interest in making, modding things, new technology, or just want to learn how things work, this is to be the place for you. Our makerspace is a community workshop combined with a meeting space where people of similar interests or skills can converge to create, modify, learn, talk and build. You don't need to be proficient with any tools, skill, computer, or even know how to solder. All you need to the desire to learn or teach.

What is a MakerSpace?

A Makerspace / Hackerspace allows groups of people to pool resources and create a community of people with varied interests. These interests may include but are definitely not limited to: circuitry, robotics, soldering, woodworking, fabricating, programming, networking, hacking, bending, etc.

New Here?

If you are new to the Bozeman Makerspace or just new to makerspaces in general, we encourage you to come on down for one of our Thursday Open Build Nights. You can bring a project along, or you can just come check out the space.

Friday Makers Update

We would like to introduce the first ever Friday Makers Update for our Bozeman MakerSpace. Every Friday we will be providing various updates to where we are in the process of growing our MakerSpace. We will also include fun projects you can do at home, and links to other happenings that may be of interest in our surrounding community.

The first ever Bozeman MakerSpace Meetup was a success!

Thanks to Gary and Sarah for attending our first ever Bozeman MakerSpace Meetup! It's truly amazing how the smallest group can come up with really amazing ideas.

Our first order of business was initial introductions. Being a small group it didn't take but a couple minutes. Once that was over we dove right into what a MakerSpace can do for the community.

Gary, thanks for being so very enthusiastic and willing to pound the pavement so early on in the process!

Let's plug in ...



In order to better understand what the Bozeman area would like to see in a Makerspace our first meeting is going to be an introduction to the overall concept and an invitation for everyone to contribute ideas and needs.

If anyone has a thoughts for the first meetup location that would be wonderful. Being that the first few of meetups are going to be planning meetings, anywhere should be just fine.


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