Friday Makers Update

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We would like to introduce the first ever Friday Makers Update for our Bozeman MakerSpace. Every Friday we will be providing various updates to where we are in the process of growing our MakerSpace. We will also include fun projects you can do at home, and links to other happenings that may be of interest in our surrounding community.

Upcoming Meetups and introducing Maker Saturdays

We are currently in the process of putting together what we like to call Maker Saturdays. The idea is that people can show up between 12-4 on every other Saturday to learn more about the Bozeman MakerSpace, work if they choose to and bring a small donation of a tool or materials. Lunch may also be provided as well as smaller projects for those without their own. These Maker Saturdays will be open and free. Donations of tools or materials will always be encouraged but not required.

Future Meetups will be happening more frequently and will hopefully be scheduled to allow more members to attend. We know that until we have a permanent location we will have some members that may not be able to attend some meetups or even our Maker Saturdays, but we will try and accommodate everyones needs until then. Please feel free to provide any feedback so that we better understand what times and dates work best for you.

Projects of the week

The idea of our Projects of the week section is to provide fun projects that fellow makers can complete in one week or less. Later Projects of the week may be more complicated and require longer time build times, and for those projects we will be providing a location where members can upload progress and share what they are learning with fellow makers.

April showers Project of the week!

Because it is spring and if you love playing in dirt and growing food we thought that one simple project for you and your family would be to make some Soil Seed Blocks (made super cheap.) Find more details here on what materials you will need to create soil seed starting blocks on the cheap.

Your feedback is vital! For the next few weeks, we would like to gather any small project ideas that our members would like to share.

Keeping connected without making a scene!

Also if you are not interested in participating in the “Social Media” aspects of our group (aka Facebook, Meetup, Twitter) but would still like to be kept in the digital loop, you can always contact us via the website and we will add you to our mailing list.

Well that about wraps it up for this, our first Friday Makers Update. Break something this weekend just for the fun of it!

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