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Welcome again to another Friday Makers Update for our Bozeman MakerSpace.

Upcoming Meetups

We currently do not have any meetups planned for this week. Feel free to join our Meetup! Please feel free to provide any feedback so that we better understand what times and dates work best for you.

General Organization Updates

We have been working on several items since our last meetup. Below is a quick outline of each one and a sneak peak into what is going on behind the curtains.

1. A New website launching (very soon)
A new website running on the ever popular Open Source Drupal platform will be launching in the coming weeks. The idea was put on the table thanks to one of our members (Gary) at our last meetup. The idea of having a platform where all members can contribute via personal blogs, message boards, etc is going to become a great resource our little community of hackers.

2. Our Organization Name / Non-Profit status
So as part of the process of applying for Non-Profit status, business license, bank account, the name of our organization will be needed A.S.A.P! Over the next couple of weeks I will be running an online poll in hopes of coming up with a name for our organization. Please if you have any fun names do not hesitate to submit your idea to the group!

3. Survey
We will be running a Market Survey over the next couple of months that will be open to everyone. When the survey is ready for action we will be posting the link on this website as well as the Meetup group page.

Projects of the week

One of our fellow members had a very easy to make, yet fun for the whole family project idea, an Infinity mirror. Thanks for suggesting this idea Lincoln!

An Infinity mirror extends into infinity providing the illusion of depth. When you look into an Infinity mirror you will see a sequential pattern that appears like it goes on forever.

We hope to put together a little infinity mirror this week and outline the process on a separate project page complete with photos and video ;)

See what the mirror could look like!


Your feedback is vital! For the next few weeks, we would like to gather any small project ideas that our members would like to share.

That wraps up the update.

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