Share you ideas and projects on the New Bozeman MakerSpace website!

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With summer quickly approaching and many of my own springtime projects not even started yet, I thought it was time to launch a new and improved website for the Bozeman MakerSpace. Now, not only is it a resource for what the our MakerSpace is planning, it's a resource that you can contribute and mold into your own liking.

Before, we ran a basic blog with upcoming event notices and basic ramblings.

Now by creating an account, you are free to:

  • Create your own Maker blog about you and/or your interests
  • Write an article about your latest hacking adventure or project you have been working on
  • Interact with fellow Makers in the greater Bozeman area
  • Submit feedback and let us know how to improve
  • Communicate using our forums
  • And much, much more!

An important FYI: The new Bozeman MakerSpace website will be the primary source of information regarding our organization in the coming months. We will only be maintaining the web presence for the next 7 months until our current subscription runs out. Beyond that we will be utilizing our own website ( for all communications and event postings.

So create a free account and share with the Bozeman Maker community your cool ideas, hacks and projects!

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