[Maker Class] Arduino Basics

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The RSVP List is full! Looks like we may have to run another Arduino Basics class ;) I'm thinking this might even become an ongoing class offering so we can get stronger with our microcontrollers.

Class: Arduino Basics
When/Where: Sat April 26th (2pm) @ The Bozeman Makerspace

Arduino Basics
We are going to take you through the concepts including digital In, digital out, analog in, analog out, serial communication and more.

We will build several circuits using LEDs, potentiometers, buzzers, servo motors and more! If you have your own Arduino Board, bring it along, otherwise we will have a few for folks to use during the class.

This class will be kid friendly, so if you are a parent and would like to see your kids learn a little about programming and electronics, this is the class for you.

We will have a sweet door prize for one lucky participant at the end of the class.

RSVP now because space might end up being limited.

Please post in the comments the best dates and/or times you would like to see this class offered.

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